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The Top 3 Challenges Faced by Tender Teams - And How Brainial Helps Overcome Them

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The Top 3 Challenges Faced by Tender Teams - And How Brainial Helps Overcome Them

The Top 3 Challenges Faced by Tender Teams - And How Brainial Helps Overcome Them

Tendering is a complex process that requires careful attention to detail and an ability to sift through large volumes of information quickly. However, with so much data to navigate, it can be difficult for tender teams to stay on top of everything. In this blog post, we'll explore the top three challenges faced by tender teams - and how Brainial helps overcome them.

Challenge 1: It’s hard to find and qualify tenders fast

Finding the right tender can be a time-consuming and overwhelming task. Tender portals are often spread across multiple platforms, requiring you to log in to each one to search for relevant tenders. Brainial Tender Alert eliminates this hassle by providing a centralized platform where you can access all tender information and documents.

With Brainial Tender Alert, you can create unlimited search profiles based on the content of your historical tenders and keywords. The most promising tenders are ranked in an all-in-one dashboard, making it easy to identify the most relevant opportunities quickly. You can also filter your search results by criteria such as NUTS, publication date, and language.

Once you've identified a promising tender, Brainial Tender Assist streamlines the analysis process. With the click of a button, the relevant documents are retrieved from the platform and automatically analysed. This not only extracts information such as criteria, schedule, and submission documents but also identifies your organization-specific points of attention and risks. This saves you time and helps ensure that you're making informed bid decisions.

Challenge 2: Getting to the bottom of tender documents quickly and thoroughly is time-consuming

Another major challenge in the tender process is analyzing all the information within a given document without missing any key points. This can be especially difficult when dealing with large volumes of data, and missing a risk or making the wrong bid decision can have a severe impact on profitability.

Brainial helps overcome this challenge by automatically identifying and ranking all company-specific points of attention and risks. The Bid Analyzer presents all the information in one integrated overview, making it easy to focus on the relevant documents to read thoroughly. Also, all related information from all the documents is linked and can be used to get to the bottom of certain topics quite easily. As a result, additional information or inconsistencies can be easily detected. This automated bid qualification process saves time and helps ensure that all critical information is taken into consideration before making a bid/no-bid decision.

Challenge 3: Information is not quick and easy to find

With tenders containing more information than ever before, finding the information you need quickly can be a major challenge. Even after reading or scanning the documents, it can still be hard to find the specific information you are looking for. Brainial addresses this challenge by using "Smart Search" technology to instantly find the information you need in all tender documents. Brainial allows users to build search queries and filter search results on attributes such as categories, document types, tags, and tasks. Brainial categorizes, labels, and classifies all tender data during the initial analysis, making it easy to find information quickly. 

With Brainial it is possible to search literally in all documents, but it is also possible to search for related meanings. Smart Search can even be used to find information in historical tender information, including response documents, customer reference descriptions, and customer reviews and feedback.


The tendering process can be overwhelming, with a lot of data to navigate and analyze. However, with Brainial's AI-powered technology, tender teams can easily find and qualify tenders, ensure they don't miss any critical information, get to the bottom of tender documents quickly and thoroughly, and find the information they need quickly and easily. By addressing these top three challenges, Brainial helps tender teams save time, reduce failure costs, and make more informed bid decisions. Contact us for more information. 

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