Our smart solution for all your tendering needs.

Qualify, assess and analyze tenders with ease. Create better bids faster with our all-in-one AI-based product.

Save time

With the help of AI all requirements & important information from tender documents are compiled and presented.

Reduce cost

An efficient bidding assistant to combine the power of machines and humans. Less information is overlooked.

Increase quality

All bid team members share the same view. Find information at lightning speed and easily tap into your tender database.

Quickly understand (technical) requirements

Navigate with ease, quickly grasp the (technical) requirements, spend >50% less time. Easily bundle & share requirements with partners & subcontractors.
Digitize (technical) requirements: Contract forms and specification standards are automatically detected and displayed.
AI-powered matching algorithm: Requirements are intelligently supplemented with related information from appendices. Questions & answers are automatically matched with specific requirements.
Marked Sets: Easily highlight, bundle and share requirements including texts, drawings, and documents with internal specialists and subcontractors.
Smart Workflow

Work together and boost productivity

Become >25% more efficient and work together easily. Boost productivity by automatically predicting actions, risks, and relevancy for content in tender documents.
Collaborate: Assemble the tender team yourself and simply take notes, provide comments, and assign tasks.
Task overview: Save time, streamline the tender processes, and keep track of all the moving pieces & tasks.
AI-driven: Workflow actions are automatically predicted by Brainial's machine learning models.
Clarifications Processor

Automated processing of clarifications

Save >50% time in analyzing clarifications. Brainial automatically processes questions & answers from clarifications and processes new versions of tender documents.
Smart Matcher: Q&A's are linked to your company specific points of attentions and requirements.
Document Versioning: Automated guidance through the changes, additions and deletions.
Workflow: Assign tasks & team members. Transfer tasks and comments from the old version to the new version of documents.

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