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Frequently Asked Questions.

You might have a few questions the workings of Brainial, our proposition, our pricing or our data security. We have tried to answer them on this page and hope you will find the answer you were looking for. If not, just contact us as we are happy to help you.

How do you keep my data safe?

Brainial operates according to the ISO27001 standard and is fully GDPR-compliant. Furthermore, our entire infrastructure is hosted within the EU. We regularly have our security tested by DNV.
We do not use or store your data for generic training of our models.
You can read more about our security and compliance here.

How are your prices built up?

Brainial's pricing model is a subscription model and the cost depends on a number of factors specific to each company.

For example the size and structure of your company, the number, size and complexity of tenders being answered and the size of tender team

Brainial is used by companies large and small in all kind of sectors dealing with complex large tenders or less complex and more standard tenders but with higher volumes.

We do not licence per user or limit the number of users and we do not put a limit of the number of tenders or documents you can upload to Brainial.

To give an accurate quote, we need more information.

Are my plans, texts and award decision data shared with other organisations?

All information related to your organisation is never shared with others. The data is only stored in your own secure environment.

When Brainial makes predictions, generates summaries or creates drafts texts and answers this will only be based on your own (historical) data and input.

In which sectors does Brainial work best?

Brainial is for every industry, and we have clients in different sectors. From large complex tenders to simple tenders but with high volume and lots of repetitive tasks. Brainial learns from your historical tenders and proposals and can be customised to meet your specific needs, tailored to match your tender process.

How does Brainial compare to "Chat with my pdf/docs solutions"?

Since the launch of OpenAI's ChatGPT there are many solutions popping up to "Chat with your docs".
This a novel addition to search, where you can have a more natural or human way of interacting with a document using a question and answer based dialog with information that is in a document.

Brainial also offers that (we named it Tender Chat) and it allows you to ask questions and give instructions to our TenderGPT to perform on all documents in a tender.

Some things we offer additionally to the features of most of the generic "Chat with your doc" solutions:

- No limit on the number or size of the tender documents or the number of questions you can ask.
- Brainial offers functions and workflow specific to the tendering process like identification of requirements, risks, collaboration, team reviews etc.
- It learns from your data and feedback (in a secure way) so it can suggest, identify and rank information that you are looking for in most tenders.
- Multi-lingual understanding of questions and information
- Support for complex instructions or tasks
- A faster path to critical information by combining chat with our search capabilities (keyword and semantic) .

How soon can I get started?

The entire implementation of Brainial is typically accomplished in 2-6 weeks. After uploading past tenders & plans and configuring your points of attention the entire team is up and running. Your environment is ready to start discovering and adding new tenders.

What languages does Brainial support?

The user interface of Brainial is currently entirely in Dutch and English. But most of our ML and AI models support multiple languages (almost 15 of the major languages). Some components such as our NLP models are specifically finetuned for English and Dutch. The result is that Brainial will work on documents or data in multiple languages, but might need some more training for languages other than English and Dutch. We are adding language support and improvements regularly. In cases were you receive documents in more exotic languages we support automated document translation, this means that the contents are translated to your preferred language (where the default is English).

Language support per component:
- Tenders Assist & Tender Search - Supports multilingual search and classification/detection and ranking of points of attention, risks etc
- Tender Alert - Supports all languages
- Tender Chat - Supports all languages
- Tender Summarisation - Supports all languages
- Tender Writer - Supports all languages, but currently works best on English and Dutch

Document classification and value extraction currently works best in English and Dutch but we are expanding language support for this.

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