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Croonwolter&dros saves more than 50% time on tenders

Tendering exists to make purchasing as fair and transparent as possible. But let's be frank; repetitive and time-consuming tasks prevail.

So we decided to do something about it.

We are creating the most intelligent and trusted AI based tender assistant to get better proposals faster.

Combining 10+ years of tendering experience, 5+ years of AI research & hard work, our founders started building products to help you process tenders faster and deliver best-in-class bids & proposals.

We train advanced computer vision & nlp models so our machines can see, read and perceive all kinds of tender documents and layouts, as a human would.

Our proprietary Tender AI reads & scans through all documents to identify key elements, link requirements, predict risks, and suggests answers to help you save time.
3400+ hours
of AI model training
Tenders processed
Industry specific algorithms

Why we started Brainial

We know first-hand how hard it is to get a good understanding of what is really asked for in a tender and how time-consuming it is to create the perfect proposal.

We have seen many tender teams struggle to handle the amount & diversity of information thrown at them and how they spend a lot of time, money, and energy on repetitive tasks, unable to leverage knowledge & expertise from previous engagements.

Our belief is that intelligent automation of knowledge-driven tasks leaves more time for human expertise and creativity, where true value can be created. Freeing tender & bid teams from time-consuming, repetitive work enables them to be creative again and use their expertise & knowledge to the fullest.

We created Brainial to solve the biggest challenge in creating better proposals: to scale expert knowledge, while experiencing unmatched accuracy and trust. Our belief is that intelligent automation delivers the most value if actions and predictions can be trusted. This belief is architected into the very core of our product suite, and it drives our relentless focus on your success.

So that every company can easily participate in tenders without high failure costs while maximising their chance of winning.
Fedor Klinkenberg
Fedor has more than 11 years experience working at one of the fastest growing tech companies in the Netherlands: Low-code platform Mendix. It was at Mendix where Fedor experienced the burden of handling tenders & requests for proposals and decided that it was time to change the way people are dealing with tenders. Fedor holds a Master of Science degree in Management of Innovation from Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University.
Taco Hiddink
Taco has > 10 years hands-on experience in data analytics & participated in a fast growing data analytics boutique company that was bought by private equity in 2017. Taco is also a writer and trainer on the subject of Artificial Intelligence, and he is fascinated by teaching machines to read & interpret data like a human would. Taco holds a Bachelor degree in Industrial Engineering & Management from the HU University of Applied Sciences in Utrecht.
Roald Kruit
Roald was co-founder of Mendix, which in sixteen years time grew into a global player with a turnover of millions. Mendix was sold to Siemens in 2018 for 628 million euros. The experience of scaling a software company on a global level makes Roald an ideal advisor for Brainial. Besides his advisory role for Brainial, Roald is still involved as an advisor for Mendix.

Meet the Brainial team

Our international team is comprised of eager data scientists, engineers, developers, designers and business minds.

Together we want to change the way people are dealing with tenders by creating the most intelligent, trusted and beloved AI based tender assistant to get better proposals faster.

We’re committed to making Brainial a great place to work, for ourselves and to be able to deliver the most value to our clients.

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