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Why we founded Brainial

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Why we founded Brainial

Why we founded Brainial

The process of responding to a tender or request for proposal (RFP) can be overwhelming, time-consuming, and often frustrating. Tender teams have to deal with an enormous amount of information, complex requirements, and tight deadlines, while also ensuring their proposals stand out from the competition.

Taco and I, the founders of Brainial, have a long-standing passion for helping knowledge workers by eliminating repetitive and dumb tasks through smart digitalization. It was at Mendix where I experienced the burden of handling tenders and requests for proposals and decided that it was time to change the way people are dealing with tenders. Taco is fascinated by teaching machines to read & interpret data like a human would, and the idea to start Brainial was born. We believe that intelligent automation of knowledge-driven tasks can significantly benefit tender teams. 

Our vision is to create a product suite that allows knowledge workers to excel and stand out. By leveraging the power of AI, Brainial's software products are designed to increase efficiency and accuracy while reducing the burden on human resources. Freeing up time for workers to focus on more creative and valuable activities. The ultimate goal is to empower knowledge workers and help them succeed in their fields.

We believe that intelligent automation of knowledge-driven tasks leaves more time for human expertise and creativity, where true value can be created. Freeing tender and bid teams from time-consuming, repetitive work enables them to be creative again and use their expertise and knowledge to the fullest.

That's why we created Brainial - to solve the biggest challenge in creating better proposals: to scale expert knowledge, while experiencing unmatched accuracy and trust. We believe that intelligent automation delivers the most value if actions and predictions can be trusted. This belief is architected into the very core of our product suite, and it drives our relentless focus on your success.

Our mission is that we want to create the most intelligent and trusted digital tender assistant to create better proposals faster. We want to enable every company to easily participate in tenders without high costs while maximizing their chance of winning. With Brainial, we're not just automating repetitive tasks - we're creating a more efficient and effective way for companies to respond to tenders and RFPs, ultimately leading to more successful bids and greater business growth.

In conclusion, Brainial is the answer to the challenges that tender teams face when responding to tenders and RFPs. By leveraging our AI-powered product suite, companies can streamline their tender processes, save time, reduce failure costs, and ultimately increase their chances of winning. We're committed to delivering unmatched accuracy and trust, so you can focus on what matters - creating better proposals faster.


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