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AI-based Tender Management solution: Make or Buy?

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AI-based Tender Management solution: Make or Buy?

AI-based Tender Management solution: Make or Buy?

Realising or considering building your own tender analysis solution yourself with proprietary tooling like Microsoft Copilot or a custom GPT, or purchasing a solution like Brainial's?

Fedor Klinkenberg explains this choice in the recent excerpt from The Tender Podcast

Tools like Microsoft Copilot are there to support the generic use cases, from office worker to scholar behind the laptop. At Brainial, we focus specifically on the domain of tenders. Our customised models focus on analysing, classifying and interpreting every piece of text within tender documents. This ensures unparalleled precision in the field of bid and tender management.

What makes Brainial different vs self-build with Microsoft Copilot or ChatGPT?

Some examples:

Organisation-specific concerns and summaries:

Our AI extracts and classifies information from various documents, identifies specific points of interest and risks, and presents this in a clear summary. You don't have to enter this each time but it is automatically applied per tender. The ultimate in efficiency!

Domain-specific training and fine-tuning:

Unlike general models like ChatGPT, our AI models are finely trained and fed with a focus on tenders and the context of tendering.

Advanced text analysis and ranking:

We perform detailed analysis of every text fragment in all documents, automatically extract the relevant sections and apply them in the context of content-based queries of the documents. This process also supports the writing of proposals and action plans.

Tender-specific functionalities:

Our technology goes further with features such as data filtering on results by award criteria, analysis of tender results and competition, linking award decisions to previous proposals and tender-specific features such as extraction of schedule, selection and award criteria or identification of documents to be submitted.

This unique combination of domain-specific expertise, domain-specific functions and advanced AI enables us to provide unique value in the tender process. With Brainial, we set a new standard in the art of winning tenders.

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