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Don't waste your time setting up a bid content library

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Don't waste your time setting up a bid content library

Don't waste your time setting up a bid content library

In conversations with various companies, we learned that many tender teams are trying to use a bid content library with the purpose to reduce the effort and increase the quality of the bid responses. Tender procurement timeframes are being ever more compressed while documentation has become more comprehensive. Leveraging a central knowledge base of your experience, track record, and company-wide information to create quality responses, faster sound attractive. To reduce the time and effort involved in recreating content each time while the quality and accuracy of the information are kept under tight control, tender content libraries serve a purpose where content is repeatable. Obviously just cutting and pasting previous tender responses can potentially discredit the strength of the offering and your reputation. Despite the apparent advantages of a tender content library, it absolutely does not work in practice!

With the best intentions, many tender teams spend many hours building content libraries in the quiet periods of the year in the hope that they can leverage the recreation of the content when the pressure is on. We’ve seen teams spending their time during the summer months labeling historical tender responses and filling content libraries in both professional systems and self-made systems including Excel spreadsheets. Most of the time they are unable to fill the content library completely and face the following issues:

  • there’s not enough content in the library;
  • It is hard to find information in the bid content library;
  • there is no time to keep the content library up to date;
  • there’s nobody taking ownership, and soon a legacy content library exists. 

At Brainial, we strongly believe that setting up a bid content library in the traditional way is a huge waste of time. By using Brainial Tender Assist, each piece of text and paragraph is classified and labeled. All tender content and documents have been made fully searchable, both literally and in the context of the keyword. Within no time, any content can be found immediately. Brainial’s smart search functionality can be used within the context of a tender, but also for all (historical) tender data. Filters can be set and smart search functionality can be used to instantly find anything on the document level, but also on the paragraph level. Handy functionalities like viewing the document, viewing the document page the search result occurs on, a clickable reference to the tender project, a reference to the customer, and the outcome of the tender evaluation can be used to quickly select the content best suits your needs.

We believe that reuse and re-purposing are not the same as cutting and pasting. Using bits and pieces from your tender responses from the past could help you in speeding up your bid response and use it as a starting point to describe how you understand the client’s need and how you uniquely can solve the client’s problems. With Brainial you can easily and instantly find any tender information you want. Would you like to try it out? Please book a demo and we can set you up.

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