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Stronger together: Croonwolter&dros extends contract with Brainial for three years

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Stronger together: Croonwolter&dros extends contract with Brainial for three years

Stronger together: Croonwolter&dros extends contract with Brainial for three years

In today's dynamic and rapidly changing business landscapes, we see a clear trend: the integration of advanced technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), is no longer optional. It is essential. This is perfectly illustrated by the renewed collaboration between Croonwolter&dros, a leading technology company under TBI, and Brainial, a specialist in AI-driven software for tender and bid management.

Brainial's AI revolution in procurement processes

In recent years, Croonwolter&dros has successfully deployed Brainial's AI-powered software within its Utility division to save a significant amount of time in qualifying and going through tenders. Previously, the tender process was a labour-intensive task, with teams having to go through hundreds of documents manually.

With Brainial's solution, this has changed dramatically. Designed and optimised specifically for Croonwolter&dros, the software can automatically extract essential information from tender documents and categorise it for easier access and review. The result? A saving of more than 50% in time when reviewing tender documents. Brainial will also be rolled out within all other Croonwolter&dros divisions from now on.

Synergy in technology and vision

The extension of the contract between Croonwolter&dros and Brainial for another three years is a natural continuation of an already fruitful partnership. Paul Greving, Divisional Director Utility at Croonwolter&dros, explains, "The deployment of advanced technologies such as AI is essential to our commitment to continuous improvement and innovation."

Brainial's CEO, Fedor Klinkenberg, shares this vision and firmly believes in the potential of AI to revolutionise business processes. "The future of technology and its impact on businesses is huge. Together with forward-thinking partners like Croonwolter&dros, we aim to transform businesses and make them ready for the future."

Klinkenberg outlines the crucial importance of AI and automated solutions in today's business landscape: "Our partnership with Croonwolter&dros is central to their efforts to optimise tender processes. With our advanced AI solutions, we promote efficiency, saving valuable time, resources and costs. At Brainial, our ambition is to help companies realise the full potential of AI. By eliminating repetitive processes, the focus shifts to strategic initiatives that make the difference."

Taco Hiddink, co-founder and CTO, emphasises the promising future of AI and technology: "We are only on the doorstep of the technological revolution. At Brainial, we are convinced that AI has the potential to redefine business models and unlock unprecedented opportunities. It is inspiring to see that Croonwolter&dros has confidently adopted the Brainial Tender Assist solution, resulting in significant time savings. We are excited to continue innovating hand-in-hand with them and achieve further successes together."


As the technological landscapes continue to evolve, one thing is certain: companies that adapt, innovate and collaborate will benefit the most. The renewed collaboration between Croonwolter&dros and Brainial is a good example of how two companies can join forces to not only survive but also grow in a digitally driven world.

The successful roll-out of Brainial's AI-driven tender software marks a milestone in Croonwolter&dros' tender strategy. This not only illustrates the growing relevance of AI and technology in business but also highlights the vital importance of continued innovation in a rapidly evolving environment. With this high-quality automation solution, Croonwolter&dros is gearing up for a prosperous future.

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