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VORM and Brainial accelerate housing construction through the use of AI

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VORM and Brainial accelerate housing construction through the use of AI

VORM and Brainial accelerate housing construction through the use of AI

VORM has entered into a collaboration with software company Brainial. The objective of the collaboration is to use AI to sustainably accelerate and spend less time getting to the bottom of tender documentation, reduce failure costs and increase the quality of plans. With the use of smart digitalization, VORM aims to save 50% of time and 20% of costs, in order to realize 5,000 affordable homes annually starting in 2025.

"Realizing affordable housing is achievable by removing unnecessary links from the entire chain and organizing processes smartly. We do this by continuously innovating, launching new initiatives and entering into collaborations with market parties/new players," says Hans Meurs, CEO at VORM. "With the deployment of Brainial we are making our tender processes smarter, better and more efficient."

Efficiency through the use of AI

VORM and Brainial took a close look at the tender process and found that the substantive and organizational complexity is increasing. Today's spatial tasks require integral solutions in areas such as spatial quality, affordability, liveability, circularity, the energy transition, nature-inclusive and climate adaptive building. These themes are reflected in the guideline and supplementary documents, which means that teams have to absorb more information in a shorter period of time. Brainial's software supports VORM by automatically extracting the information from tender documents, categorizing it, converting it to parameters and presenting it in a clear manner.

"The system is configured and trained to detect VORM specific concerns and risks, in order to achieve a 50% time savings during the review of tender documents and at the same time reduce failure costs by 20%" states Aldo de Vries, strategic manager of business operations at VORM.


Smarter diagnoses and suggestions

The first results of the collaboration between VORM and Brainial are promising, however, this is only the beginning. "Looking to the future, through the use of machine learning, even greater leaps can be made. Our system becomes smarter the more it is used. This leads to smarter diagnoses and suggestions," said Fedor Klinkenberg, co-founder and CEO of Brainial.

Innovation of the real estate industry

VORM aims to realize 5,000 affordable homes each year starting in 2025. By using smart digitalization and investing in social and sector-wide initiatives, innovation in the real estate sector can be stimulated and the ambitious goals achieved.

VORM has existed for over 100 years and focuses on the entire breadth of the construction sector: area development, property development and construction, transformation, preservation, renovation and property maintenance. VORM is a socially involved company whose mission is to create a liveable neighborhood and affordable housing for everyone. The family business invests in social and sector-wide initiatives that stimulate innovation, sustainability and digital acceleration. Over 400 people work for VORM and in 2021 the group booked a turnover of over half a billion euros. VORM is based in Rotterdam.

Brainial, founded in 2019, is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider whose mission is to create the most intelligent and trusted digital tender assistant to get better proposals faster. Brainial's software is used by organizations to spend less time answering tenders, increase quality and reduce failure costs. Brainial is located in Utrecht. For more information please visit:

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