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Together to Success: Our Support in Implementing Brainial

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Together to Success: Our Support in Implementing Brainial

Together to Success: Our Support in Implementing Brainial

At Brainial, we do not only strive for successful onboarding, we also make it one of our core concerns. We understand that each client has unique needs, which is why we offer fully customized support for the implementation of Brainial's powerful software. But how do we ensure Brainial's implementation is effective and effortless?

Success Criteria

During the joint kick-off, we take the first steps to success together with our client. We not only formulate objectives but also powerful success criteria that allow us to accurately measure and assess the effectiveness of the implementation. These success criteria act as valuable reference points with which we can evaluate and improve the desired results. For example, imagine a 50% time reduction in searching and finding information within tender processes, or a 50% time reduction in sifting through all tender documents. Together we go for success and concrete measurable results!

Core team

At Brainial, we partner with a dynamic client core team to meet our success criteria. This select team internally takes the lead and coordination in implementing Brainial within the company. Smooth and close collaboration is the key to implementation success. This is because the core team not only brings valuable expertise, skills and deep understanding of the company's specific needs, but also acts as our direct connection to the customer. With this close-knit team on board, we can tailor Brainial and provide our client with the best possible service. Once the core team is assembled, we can begin shaping and configuring Brainial, ready to hit the road to success.


At Brainial, we always set up a conversation with our client to explore key points of attention and risks in the tender process. We dive into the details and ask questions such as: What critical factors play a role in making a go/no go decision? What information is essential to present the tender to management? Each of these concerns is unique and requires a customized configuration that perfectly fits our client's needs. When configuring, we work closely with our client. We offer a preliminary proposal and then proceed iteratively, constantly tuning and verifying that the results meet the requirements. This process of collaboration and tuning continues until the configuration is fully customized and to our client's complete satisfaction. We believe in the power of interactive co-creation, where our expertise and the client's input come together to create a perfectly matched configuration.

Integrations with other systems

While we keep Brainial implementation running smoothly, we also engage with our client to discover the need for seamless integrations with other systems. We offer a range of powerful integration options, including Single Sign-On (SSO) capability, seamless connections to document management systems such as M-Files and MS Sharepoint, and much more. Feel free to visit our website to explore the full range of our integrations.


Once all the integrations are perfectly aligned and the configuration is fully set up to your liking, it is time to roll out Brainial within the organization. This often involves the core team, which is responsible for transferring knowledge to other team members within the organization. But don't worry, we are always ready to provide support during this process.

At Brainial, we strive to make your implementation of our software a smashing success. We believe in the power of collaboration and an organization-specific implementation to fit your specific needs. Let's walk the road to success together. Contact us today to find out how we can support you in implementing Brainial in your organization.

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