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Brainial introduces 'Tender Chat' for efficient interaction with tender documents.

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Brainial introduces 'Tender Chat' for efficient interaction with tender documents.

Brainial introduces 'Tender Chat' for efficient interaction with tender documents.

At Brainial, we are always looking for ways to support our clients with the most advanced and efficient tools in the world of tendering. That's why we are excited to announce our newest feature: Brainial Tender Chat. Available to all Brainial users from now on.

What is Brainial Tender Chat?

Brainial Tender Chat is an innovative feature that completely transforms the way teams work with tender documents. This smart assistant offers dynamic interaction with documents, saving users time and making them work more efficiently. Similar to ChatGPT but on all your tender documents and in a secure environment.

Features of Brainial Tender Chat

  • Smart Assistant: This assistant answers questions on one or more documents, significantly speeding up the search for information. Users can now ask in-depth questions and ask further questions about the answers given.
  • Use-Cases: Brainial Tender Chat is flexible in finding information, much more powerful than traditional search methods and more robust for different formulations. It also offers direct interpretation of the sources found.

How were tenders analysed in the past?

Previously, tender teams spent a lot of time formulating keywords, performing searches with the ctrl+f key combination, manually searching results and interpreting them. Searching for information from a tender, or information from previously written proposals and plans, often takes more than half a day a week per person.

How is Brainial Tender Chat changing this process?

With Brainial Tender Chat, this entire process changes:

  • Question formulation: tender and bid managers easily formulate a complex question. An example of a complex question could be: "Is the liability capped and what are the possible consequences for our organisation". Brainial has also prepared some standard questions for you. Think of questions like "Describe the purpose and main deliverables of this tender", "Give a brief summary of this tender" or "List the main criteria". So you never have to manually create a summary again. 
  • Thorough response generation: Tender Chat generates and validates itself to arrive at the most correct answer including source citation.
  • Answer validation: Tender and bid managers validate the answer based on the sources provided. Validate the results by clicking directly to the context of the answer (even if it is somewhere in the side line of appendix far away)

Benefits of Brainial Tender Chat:

  • Contextual understanding: Unlike keyword search, Tender Chat understands the context of a question, leading to more accurate and relevant answers.
  • Time savings: The process of finding answers is significantly accelerated, which is especially important when searching extensive tender documents.
  • User-friendliness: Tender Chat works with questions asked in natural language, making it more user-friendly for non-technical users.
  • Flexibility: The system can adapt to different types of tender documents and formats, offering a wide range of applications.

Brainial Tender Chat is a great addition to Tender Search where it can instantly search all documents of a tender in 1 go, and search historical tender information including previous proposals and action plans in 1 go. 

At Brainial, we remain committed to being the most intelligent and trusted AI tender assistant in the market. With the launch of Brainial Tender Chat, we are taking a big step forward in realising our mission to help customers create faster and better proposals. Schedule a demo and experience the power of this new feature for yourself now and transform your tender process! 

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