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Summary Brainial Bites Event, 21 September 2023

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Summary Brainial Bites Event, 21 September 2023

Summary Brainial Bites Event, 21 September 2023

On 21 September, the long-awaited Brainial Bites event on AI and tendering was finally here! For anyone who couldn't attend or would like to revisit it, here is a brief summary of the highlights.

AI and Tendering: A Perfect Match

The day started with an inspiring keynote by Fedor Klinkenberg, co-founder and CEO at Brainial. Using five use cases, he showed how AI can enrich and optimise the tendering process. The five use cases during his keynote were 1) faster qualification of tenders, 2) faster and better document perusal, 3) automated comparison of document versions, 4) easy and quick finding of information from tenders and previous proposals, and 5) help in writing responses. 

But that was not all: he had three more big surprises in store. Brainial announced three groundbreaking features:

  1. Automatic Summarisation: This feature allows you to quickly and accurately distil key information from a tender.
  2. Tender Chat: An intelligent AI assistant ready to answer all your questions about the tender.
  3. Tender Writer: A writing tool that automatically generates texts in the context of the current tender, taking into account previously written proposals. And the beauty is, all data remains secure.

It was particularly special to hear that these features are supported by powerful large language models.

Customers have their say

A panel of customers shared their experiences with Brainial. Marco Vogelzang of VORM, Jan van den Noort of Croonwolter&dros and Paul Jezeer of Heijmans gave insights into how AI helps them with a variety of challenges in the tender process. From risk analysis and detecting inconsistencies to qualifying hundreds of tenders every year - it was clear that AI is a game-changer for tenderers in RFP’s and tenders.

AI: Opportunities and Challenges

Muriël Serrurier Schepper, AI expert at Applied AI, gave an enlightening presentation on the opportunities and pitfalls of AI. She offered practical advice for companies looking to take the plunge into AI and underlined the importance of raising awareness of its limitations and challenges.

In Action: AI in the Tendering Process

Taco Hiddink, co-founder & CTO at Brainial, gave a demonstration no one wanted to miss. He showed live how the three new features - Automatic Summarisation, Tender Chat and Tender Writer - work in practice. Taco also showed what a tendering assistant could look like in the future. The audience was visibly impressed!

The Future of AI: Think like a Surfer

The day ended with a fascinating talk by Christian Kromme, AI Futurist & speaker. He took us on a journey through the fast-approaching digital transformation wave. Instead of seeing this wave as a threat, he challenged us to jump on top of it like surfers and harness its power. A beautiful metaphor that inspired us to embrace disruptive opportunities.

We concluded with snacks and drinks. Without a doubt, the Brainial Bites event was a day full of inspiration, learning and networking. With the lightning-fast developments in AI, the future of procurement promises to be exciting. We are already looking forward to the next event!

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