Data annotation and QA testing work student

As a part of the Brainial team, your main responsibility will be QA testing and annotating data.
Utrecht, The Netherlands
Part Time
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Our Story
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Working at Brainial

Our Story

Brainial was founded in 2019 with the vision to create an AI-powered product that enables knowledge workers to excel and stand out. By automating basic tasks and tedious duties, we give workers the chance to engage more in human interaction, where real value can be created. We are freeing them from mundane, repetitive work and empowering them to use their creativity and expertise to the fullest.

Our international team is a fusion of driven data scientists, engineers, designers, and business minds. Together, we're striving to transform the way people deal with tenders, by developing the most intelligent, trusted, and beloved digital tender assistant for creating better proposals faster. As our international client base rapidly expands, we are looking to hire a best-in-class Data Annotation and QA testing work student to join our team.

Job Description & Responsibilities

Are you looking for a challenging side job where you can develop yourself in the world of artificial intelligence and data technology? At Brainial, we offer you the chance to join our enthusiastic team as a data annotation and QA testing work-study student. In this role, you will play a crucial role in improving our AI-based product that supports knowledge workers to excel and differentiate themselves.

You will be involved in building our product in two different areas:

  • Annotating data. Your work is the basis for training the AI algorithms. Tools: Labelstudio, Prodigy.
  • QA Testing: Writing automated test scripts in Cypress. Your work will ensure that bugs are found faster.


  • Interest in data.
  • Working with precision and accuracy.
  • Affinity with coding is a plus.
  • Command of Dutch & English (our language models are in English and Dutch, for this it is necessary to be able to speak both languages).

Working days and hours:

  • Minimum of 2 days per week.
  • Flexible working hours to accommodate your study commitments.

Here are some of the benefits that we have to offer:

  • An inspiring and innovative work environment where you can learn and grow towards Data Science and QA engineering.
  • Opportunities to work with the latest AI technologies.
  • Market-based compensation.

What working at Brainial is like:

At Brainial, we maintain a flat organizational hierarchy. We eschew bureaucracy, beating around the bush, and bs. Your ideas are highly valued in our environment. We offer a broad range of perks to aid our employees in achieving an ideal work-to-life balance. We're all about increasing productivity by maximizing joy!

If you're passionate about artificial intelligence and its transformative impact on enterprises and business models, if you're eager to learn new technologies, and if you're an independent problem solver looking to be a part of this revolution and seeking an adventurous job where you can make real impact, you'll have the time of your life at Brainial.

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