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Welcome to the Brainial team Maria

December 1, 2021
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Welcome to the Brainial team Maria

Welcome to the Brainial team Maria

We are happy to introduce a new team member: Maria Młocka. Maria got her bachelors’ degree in cognitive science from the University of Warsaw. As a result she gained theoretical knowledge in various areas as well as technical skills like programming in python. Currently, she is studying Human-computer interaction at Utrecht University, where she dives more into the concept of deep learning and she also explores the ‘human side’ in the process of technology development. One reason why she enjoys her studies is because of its interdisciplinary nature. She can understand how different disciplines interrelate.

Besides topics connected to her current program she is also interested in brain-computer interfaces, which was a subject of her bachelor thesis. Maria will be doing data analysis and data annotation to further improve the foundation of Brainial’s machine learning models. Data annotation is the task of labeling data with metadata in preparation for training a machine learning model, and therefore Maria will be working closely with our Data Scientists.

During breaks from her studies and work she usually goes for a spontaneous trip to the mountains, or she tries to explore nature. Moreover, in her free time she enjoys reading  philosophical books or hitting a boxing class.

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