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New in the Brainial team: Intern Jona!

April 1, 2021
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New in the Brainial team: Intern Jona!

New in the Brainial team: Intern Jona!

In April, Jona joined Brainial for an internship to complete her Master. The Masters Text Mining combines linguistic knowledge with artificial intelligence to retrieve structure and information from text.

Jona will take over Myrthes internship in which will focus on how Named Entity Linking can be used to extract more information on stakeholders in tenders. Named Entity Linking is an NLP technique in which a term in a text is linked to an existing entity, such as a company or an individual.

Fun fact: Jona is half of the musical duo Kopje Onder. Kopje Onder writes humorous Dutch songs that are available on Spotify.

Would you like to know more about Jona’s internship project? Send an email to:

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