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Merlijn joins Brainial as Software Engineer

October 30, 2020
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Merlijn joins Brainial as Software Engineer

Merlijn joins Brainial as Software Engineer

Brainial is proud to announce that Merlijn Elderhuis joins our team as a software engineer this month. Merlijn studied software engineering at Utrecht University and will graduate this month from the UvA with a Masters degree in software engineering. He has over 3 years of experience developing the Facility Performance Monitor 3.0 in collaboration with Hospitality Group and ivogabe, primarily used by Utrecht University. Outside of his passion for IT, Merlijn is a fitness enthusiast and recently started diving courses to get his PADI.

Fun Fact: Brainial got in touch with Merlijn through Sybren (Data Scientist @ Brainial) and he recommended Brainial over a beer in a bar. We are happy that Brainial is generating this word of mouth marketing from its employees.

At Brainial, Merlijn will focus on maturing our backend and maintaining our cloud infrastructure. He will also be supporting the development of our frontend application. One of his first projects will be upgrading the user management functionalities and enhancing our user authentication features.

The Brainial team is eager to start working with Merlijn and look forward to working together at the office when allowed again.

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