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A warm welcome for Pepijn and Rogier, the new Brainials

February 23, 2021
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A warm welcome for Pepijn and Rogier, the new Brainials

A warm welcome for Pepijn and Rogier, the new Brainials

Brainial is happy to announce that our team is growing. The two new Data Analysts Pepijn as Rogier recently started a new chapter in their careers at Brainial. They will be doing data analysis and data annotation to further improve the foundation of our machine learning models. Data annotation is the task of labeling data with metadata in preparation for training a machine learning model, and therefore Pepijn and Rogier will be working closely with our Data Scientists.

Pepijn Briene

Pepijn studies Artificial Intelligence at the University of Utrecht. In his free time he likes to improve his Python and C# skills. Pepijn has a particular interest in the fields of machine learning and deep learning, a perfect match with Brainial!

Fun fact: he loves playing football and enjoying the third half on Sundays.

Rogier is making a nice switch in his career. In the past, he has gained a lot of experience in different managing roles on the floor. Now he wants to focus more on his analytical skills. At Brainial a new world will open for him in the field of technology and its applications.

Fun fact: Rogier has done karate at a high level. He performed at the Dutch championships and larger international competitions.

Rogier Pouwels

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